Frequently Asked Questions

Why did CAM change its name?

The name CAM International does not reflect the global scope of our ministry in the 21st century.  The letters in the acronym CAM refer to our pre-1975 name, the Central American Mission.  Ministry impact expanded well beyond Central America more than a generation ago, and especially in the past 10 years.  Additionally, in the Google era, the word CAM is more associated with auto parts and cameras than with a mission organization.

The phrase "Formerly CAM International" does not mean that we are turning our back on our rich heritage and legacy of impact in Latin America and Spain.  We know we stand on the shoulders of generations of faithful servants who have laid our foundation.  Rather, this phrase simply indicates that we are entering a new season in our journey with Spanish speakers everywhere.

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What does the word Camino mean?

Camino is a Spanish word that means journey, path, or way.  Our Great Commission vision as an organization is directly tied to walking a journey of spiritual transformation among and with Spanish speakers, thus the choice of a Spanish word to represent the journey.  Camino also has significant biblical meaning, pointing to Christ:  “I am the way” (John 14:6).  In Spanish, the way is the camino.

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Because the mission is focused on ministry with Spanish speakers, what do you mean by using the word Global as part of the new name?

The inclusion of the word Global provides a clear scope for the journey, and reflects the Latin American diaspora, the migration of Spanish speakers across the globe. When the two words are paired together, the name Camino Global speaks of the journey, of action, of movement.  It makes it clearer than ever that ministry efforts are no longer limited to a region, but are truly focused worldwide and alongside the Spanish-speaking church.

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Is Camino Global one word or two?

When written as part of normal text,  apart from a logo or other stylized use, a space between words will be used.  In website URL format, there is no space between words (  And while the official, complete name is Camino Global, it is also okay to refer to the mission by just its short form: "Camino."

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The letters in the name CAM are part of the word Camino.  Was that intentional?

Retaining the CAM name as part of our new identity was not a part of the criteria in the creative process.  We had already determined that the core concept of a "shared journey with Spanish speakers everywhere" would guide our name selection process.  This criteria led us to the name Camino before we even realized the connection to our former name.  So it was not intentional.  However, we are excited about the added dimension that this feature of our new name gives us for telling the story of the mission.  Camino Global connects with our history while looking to the future.

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Will CAM field institutions and national church associations be asked to change their names as well?

No.  Nearly all bible colleges, seminaries, national church associations and other field institutions founded by CAM International have become organizationally independent entities, many of them doing so long ago.  These institutions have forged their own recognized identities for their contexts and do not all operate under a consistently named organizational umbrella from country to country.

However, as we network and serve with churches and institutions on our fields, a key strength of the name Camino Global is that its spelling remains the same in both English and Spanish.  Only its pronunciation will vary (pronunciation of the word Global is slightly nuanced in Spanish).  This will make it easier to move back and forth both relationally and linguistically between the two languages and cultures.

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Will work in Central America be abandoned or diminished in favor of new fields in other places?

Absolutely not.  There is still a significant presence of missionares in places like Guatemala and Honduras, as well as nearby Mexico.  In our first century, ministry in Central America focused on evangelism and the planting of new churches.  Today the emphasis is on reproducing mature disciples, training leaders, transforming communities, developing infrastructure, and mobilizing Spanish speakers to reach the world.  Empowering cross-cultural servants sent to the world from our historic fields is core to our vision.  Our commitment to Central America, as well as the broader Latin America and Spain, remains as strong as ever.

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What about existing ministries throughout the mission that already have unique names?

ObreoFiel and Hope Coffee are examples of ministries with well established and recognized names for their unique audiences.  There is no plan to rebrand these ministries as a result of the organization's name change.

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Did the mission statement and core values change with the new name?

Only slightly.

Changing the name of the mission is not fundamentally about altering who we are, what we value, nor the purpose to which God has called us.  Rather, launching a new brand identity has everything to do with enhancing the way we communicate who we are to a new generation.

Our name change does not drive us to overhaul our core mission.  It is actually the other way around.  Our mission, which is focused on the world and not only on one region, played a major role in pursuing an organizational identity reflective of this global objective.

In January 2013, the mission statement was modified only slightly to reflect the realities of mission in the 21st century, while remaining true to the focus of our founding in the 19th. And our core values also changed only slightly, growing from four to five:

Prior mission statement (pre-2013): Our mission is to produce and empower committed followers of Jesus Christ in Spanish-speaking areas to reach the world.

New mission statement (2013): The mission of Camino Global is to make disciples of Jesus Christ, serving among and with Spanish speakers globally.

Prior Core Values (pre-2013): Christ-likeness, Community, Common Vision and Cooperation.

New Core Values (2013): Christ-likenessCommunityCollaboration, Creativity and Compassion.

New Vision Statement (2013): Serving the Church, Camino Global will journey with Spanish speakers everywhere to transform communities, equip believers, and reach the world.

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Who was involved in the name change process, and who made the decision?

In early summer 2010, CAM's leadership team initiated a research process to assess the strengths and weaknesses of CAM's brand identity, including its name.  We engaged expert counsel both internally and externally during the research process and development of the name.

In November 2010, following the research phase, CAM's Board of Directors affirmed a leadership recommendation to pursue a name change.  At that time, a task force was created under the leadership of Communications Director Phil O'Day, with key decisions being approved along the way by then current President Dan Wicher, and the President's Advisory Council.

At four key points in the process, the entire CAM family, including missionaries, staff and retirees, was invited to participate in the submission of name and tagline ideas, and to provide feedback on other elements of rebranding.  Approximately 25 team leaders from all of CAM's fields also met in Dallas to provide input into the branding process in July 2010 and again in July 2011.

In addition to this level of input from within the mission, several hundred randomly selected financial and prayer partners and friends of the mission, in both the U.S. and Canada, were invited to participate in two online surveys to help the task force in their research and creative work.

The name Camino Global was approved at a September 17th, 2011 meeting of the U.S. Board of Directors, and affirmed by the Canada Board of Directors on October 3, 2011.

CAM International began operating publicy as Camino Global on May 21, 2012, and the new brand identify was fully implemented with the launch of the new Camino website on July 18, 2012, at a Colorado gathering of the mission's entire missionary body and staff.

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Did you know? Camino Global has shared the journey with Spanish speakers since 1890.