Our Missionaries & Staff


Amanda Autry

Amanda is currently serving in Oklahoma City with Camino Global Hispanic USA. After serving at the apartments for over a year and attending a Camino short term trip to Guatemala, she was led to sign on with Camino as a mid-term missionary.

Youth and Family Apartment Ministry

After graduation from seminary in August 2011, an opportunity to continue with Hidalgo full time opened up. Amanda’s work experience in different areas of education led her to serve Spanish speakers in Dallas. The Hidalgo Apartment Ministry is a local mission outreach to Hispanics through Northwest Bible Church.

Christian education programs for children, ladies Bible study, Saturday reading club, and other special events make up Hidalgo. Coordinating, staffing, and developing each of these programs is her work focus. This ministry offered exposure to areas of interest including: evangelism in the Hispanic US culture and Christian education in cross-cultural environments. The team hopes to replicate this model in other similar communities.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/amanda.autry.3