Our Missionaries & Staff

Alan and Phyllis Brown

God called us from church planting in central Mexico to church planting in northeast Ohio. The location is far different, but the need and people are the same. About ten thousand Hispanics live in Painesville and almost all of them are from the same Mexican state we lived in for fourteen years! Our goal is to plant reproducing Hispanic churches through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Church Planting

Alan has been a missionary with Camino Global for twenty-five years. 

Alan and Phyllis were married in 1995 and they relocated to Mexico to serve in church planting and discipleship. In 2002, they adopted six Mexican siblings. Their names and ages are: Josiah (13), Ana (15), Joseph (17), Rosa (19), Carmen (21) and Cathy (23). About three years ago, they moved to Ohio and were amazed at the need and opportunity for ministry to Mexicans there.