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Kimia Bundgard

Passionate about life and trying not to skip a beat, I find myself joyfully sharing the gospel with children, teens, neighbors and friends. With a smile, a hug, words of encouragement, a listening ear, playing with kids, mentoring teens, hiking, leading Bible Studies, or teaching music, my prayer is that they will come to know the great love of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Children's, Music, and Orphanage Ministry

Kimia spent several years of her childhood in the Congo, where her parents served as missionaries. Even though she was young, those experiences deeply impacted her and she knew that someday she'd live and work abroad. Kimia loves traveling and embracing different cultures. During college, God started to put the desire in her heart to be a missionary. She has enjoyed the journey of following in obedience what the Lord has asked of her, and learning valuable life lessons along the way. Now, many years later, Kimia continues to see God working and bringing His plan to fruition as she prepares for ministry on the mission field. She is excited to use the gifts God has given her to reach the lost.

Link: www.kimiabundgard.blogspot.com
Link: www.rcreek.com