• Casita Benjamin

    Located in one of Guatemala City's poorest neighborhoods, in the community surrounding the city dump, Casita Benjamin is a care center for children in need.

  • Christian Academy of Guatemala

    The Christian Academy of Guatemala provides Biblically based quality education to prepare lives for Christian Service.

  • Estudios CLASE

    Partnering in ministry with Camino Global.

  • FAM International

    FAM (the Fraternity for the Advancement of Missions) was born as a result of the International Consultation on Missions in 1999 in Guatemala City.

  • Guatemala Bible Seminary

    The Guatemala Bible Seminary was founded by William Cameron Townsend in 1923 as the Robinson Bible Institute.

  • Iglesias Centroamericanas (CEGIC)

    CEGIC is the national church association comprised of many of the local churches established by the Central American Mission (now Camino Global) over the past century.

  • Seek First / Buscad Primero

    Seek First is a ministry of Camino Global that is a redemptive approach to personal and professional development, seeking to build communities of leaders that are committed to remain faithfully engaged in their pursuit of Christ-likeness.


    Founded in 1929 and celebrating its 85th birthday in 2014, SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary) prepares Spanish-speaking men and women for excellence in ministry leadership.

  • TGNA Radio

    Founded by Camino Global (then known as the Central American Mission), TGNA Radio has served the Church and the people of Guatemala since 1950.