The Central American Mission in Honduras, known today as ASIECAH (Asociación de Iglesias Centroamericanas de Honduras), is comprised of approximately 480 churches. 

  • FAM International

    FAM (the Fraternity for the Advancement of Missions) was born as a result of the International Consultation on Missions in 1999 in Guatemala City.

  • Hope Coffee

    A ministry enterprise of Camino Global, HOPE Coffee provides high quality Honduran coffee whose mission is missions.

  • Hospital Evangelico

    The Evangelical Hospital, located in Siguatepeque, Honduras, was founded in 1949 by Camino Global, known at the time as the Central American Mission.


    The Central American Bible Seminary of Honduras was founded in 1986 in the city of Siguatepeque to focus on leadership development for the Church in Honduras.

  • Seek First / Buscad Primero

    Seek First is a ministry of Camino Global that is a redemptive approach to personal and professional development, seeking to build communities of leaders that are committed to remain faithfully engaged in their pursuit of Christ-likeness.