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  • Camino's New President

    Camino's New President

    14 September, 2012

    On Thursday, July 19, 2012, at Convocation 2012, Mr. Douglas Livingston was installed as the tenth president of the mission.

  • Meeting in the Mountains

    Meeting in the Mountains

    25 July, 2012

    This past week assembled our missionary body in summit. There, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Camino family gathered for the first time since 2001 — to reconnect, to refresh, and to re-envision God’s direction for us.

  • Ruth's Trip, Part 1

    Ruth's Trip, Part 1

    9 July, 2012

    Being a missionary wife has many challenges, not least of them being a mother. Ruth Philippi’s journal from 1960 reveals her character as a young mother traveling through Mexico with three small children.

  • Ruth's Trip, Part 2

    Ruth's Trip, Part 2

    9 July, 2012

    Ruth Philippi's story continues as she recounts in her journal the challenges of traveling through Mexico in 1960 as a young mother with three small children.

  • Camino to Galvez

    Camino to Galvez

    9 July, 2012

    There comes a moment when every man realizes that he can go no further. That he is not as tough as he thought. That the men around him are tougher, better adapted, and just plain better at walking mountain trails that he.

  • Ana's Story

    Ana's Story

    21 June, 2012

    The daughter of an alcoholic father and an absent mother, Ana grew up abandoned alongside her nine brothers and sisters. I met her at the age of 26, just after her husband had been murdered.

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