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  • Super Typhoon Haiyan: Relief for the Philippines

    Super Typhoon Haiyan: Relief for the Philippines

    11 November, 2013

    On Friday, November 8, one of the strongest storms ever to make landfall on earth devastated lives in the Philippines. Find out how you can offer aid — both for present and future needs.

  • CAM International is now Camino Global

    CAM International is now Camino Global

    25 May, 2012

    On March 5, 2013, CAM International of Canada became Camino Global. Camino was founded in 1890 as the Central American Mission. How and why would a 123-year old mission agency change its name?

  • Evangelizing WITH New Americans

    Evangelizing WITH New Americans

    25 October, 2013

    Voltaire Cacal, Director of Strategic Initiatives, explores opportunities for serving in mission alongside U.S. immigrants.

  • God-ordained encounters

    God-ordained encounters

    22 October, 2013

    One summer day in 2012, Francisco dropped by a church in Pachuca, Mexico. Jonathan Baker, Camino missionary, shares how it proved to be God's perfect provision at just the right time.

  • Worth the Wait

    Worth the Wait

    10 October, 2013

    Brandon Scott, a missionary with Camino Global, shares a story of leadership transformation amidst the coffee plantations of the Guatemalan coast.

  • Waiting for the Harvest

    Waiting for the Harvest

    15 August, 2013

    In some countries, thousands of people accept the Lord daily and dedicate their lives to Him. Here in Spain, it may take years for someone to make a decision to follow the Lord. Reflections from the EMERGE summer internship program.


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