Al Andalus Seminary Scholarships

From across southern Spain, candidates for pastors, teachers and ministry workers apply each year to Al Andalus Theological Seminary in Sevilla to prepare for service in their churches and to the lost in society.  The students and staff actively minister to children, gypsies, prisoners, immigrants, youth, and adults. 

Sadly, the unemployment rates in southern Spain presently average 26.9% and for adults younger than 25 years old it is now 54.1%.  All this in an economy that is forecast to grow only 0.7% this year.

As can be imagined, a significant number of applicants cannot afford to pay the full cost of training. Even the seminary staff would like to get additional training in Bible and practical theology classes, but need assistance as well.


The current scholarship need is $1,035 every two months ($6,212 per year).  Any gift would mean so much to help cover the need for these students and to provide for the seminary staff to study as well.

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