Ancient Monastery of San Isidoro del Campo

This project will encompass capital funding for the purchase and restoration of the ancient monastery of San Isidoro del Campo in Sevilla, Spain.


"If God one day would have mercy on Sevilla, it would only be right that this monastery of San Isidoro would become a university chiefly dedicated to the study of theology," so wrote Cipriano de Valera (reviser of the Biblia del Oso) in 1588 from exile in London. Camino Global's ministry partner in southern Spain, the ABRE Foundation, has been actively investigating the purchase of this monastery built in 1301 and the site of the Spanish Reformation in Sevilla in the 1540s to 1560s until some of the monks fled to other parts of Europe to translate the Bible into Spanish, plant the first Spanish speaking Protestant churches and write theological commentaries on the Bible. The current need is $75,000 to hire a Spanish engineering consultant to update the site plans, cost estimates, operation budget and meet with southern Spanish government leaders, municipal authorities and town associations to negotiate the purchase.

This project will encompass capital funding for the purchase and restoration of the six buildings on its grounds in phases over a five to ten-year period. Once complete, it would not only house the Al Andalus Theological Seminary, but also a missionary training center with language school, visiting scholars' library program, European evangelism/apologetics center, church planting institute, radio and video recording studios, and music outreach center. Guest and student capacity for 200 people.

The initial cost of this project is $75,000 to cover salary and expenses for the Spanish engineering consultant. The initial project begins in July 2017 and will last from five to ten years.

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