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  • Ediciones Las Americas (ELA)

    Publishing Ministry based in Puebla, Mexico, serving the Spanish-speaking Church with quality books and literature for more than 60 years.

  • Evangelical Educational Community

    The Evangelical Educational Community is a Christian Bilingual School with 270 students (Kinder, Elementary an High School). One of the goal is to provide education of quality and with Christian values and to be available to children from families of low economic resorces and from famil...

  • Evangelistic Calendars for Spain

    For over 15 years Camino missionaries have been reaching Santander, Spain with the gospel using pocket sized evangelistic calendars.

  • Evangelistic Christmas Concert Ministry

    Reach Puebla and surrounding areas with the gospel through music and theater this Christmas.

  • Expansion to New Fields

    Support collaborative work with churches and organizations in other countries to mobilize global multi-ethnic teams — such as Filipino and Central-American workers reaching unreached areas of the Philippines.

  • FAM Guatemala Office Equipment

    The offices of FAM International in Guatemala work to help mobilize Spanish speakers to global missions. You can partner with them by providing some basic tools for office work.

  • FAM International

    FAM (the Fraternity for the Advancement of Missions) was born as a result of the International Consultation on Missions in 1999 in Guatemala City.

  • Gospel Tracts, Mexico Earthquake

    With the recent destruction of the Mexico earthquakes, people are gripped by fear, looking for help and hope.

  • Healthcare for Gypsy Community in Albania

    Help provide early intervention healthcare to Roma Gypsy people group in Albania.

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