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  • La Aljaba Children's Home

    In Leticia, Colombia, La Aljaba Children's Home assists abandoned and poor children by giving them the opportunity to benefit from integral development and instruction in Christian principles and values.

  • La Ceiba Neonatal Hospital

    Providing neonatal supplies to the public hospital in La Ceiba, Honduras through Tazazul Coffee.

  • Longitude 125

    A multinational team from the U.S. and Central America is mobilizing to the Philippines, serving alongside the Filipino church to reach people who have never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Madrid Gospel Choir

    Partner with the Coro Gospel de Madrid (Madrid Gospel Choir) to reach Spaniards for Christ with music.

  • Marriage Retreats for Pastors

    Uruguayan ministry leaders and their wives live a delicate balance in which they work full-time outside the church, pastor a church, and prepare sermons. Meanwhile God still calls them to prioritize their family.

    Engedi retreats provide a break from all responsibilities for mi...

  • Melodies of Hope

    Help provide infratructure for a community center church plant that teaches Bible and music to at-risk children in a neighborhood of ten thousand in central Honduras.


  • Mexico Community Center Ministry

    Help Tiempo de Vivir Community Center in Ixtapaluca (near Mexico City) reach out to children in the community in effective and culturally relevant ways.

  • MKonnections Annual Retreat

    MKonnections is a re-entry camp for Camino Global missionary kids, put on by adult MK's. Its aim is to minister to the high school and college aged kids of Camino as they face the challenges of transitioning into U.S. culture from the many places where they grew up.

  • Montevideo Evangelistic Dinner Concerts

    Partner with our team in Uruguay to reach the people of Montevideo through evangelistic concerts.

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