Short Term

Go Short-Term

2 Weeks - 6 Months

Get out of your comfort zone. Experience changed lives. Engage your skills and passions. Short-term ministries with Camino are not a tourist vacation. They are an opportunity to learn and make a difference. More »

Mid Term

Go Mid-Term

6 Months - 2 Years

Journey deeper and farther. Learn the language and culture. Mid-Term is not just a "try before you buy" program. It is an opportunity to invest in transformed lives and impact eternity. More »

Long Term

Go Long-Term

3+ Years

The idea of "long-term" anything in our fast changing world can be extremely relative.  At Camino, long-term refers to field service of three years or greater.  Explore the vast array of opportunities to plug in and go the distance.  More »

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Steps to Service

The Go Process

Camino Global is passionate about making disciples, and sharing the journey with Spanish-speakers globally. If your journey is moving you toward cross-cultural ministry, it would be our joy to walk that journey with you.  More »